History, team, milestones, and future plans of Encomas

At Encomas, we only have one mission; to design, build and sell our property to our friends and customers, making them happy and satisfied.

Encomas first office at Padang Besar, Perlis. 2000-2004

Encomas first office at Padang Besar, Perlis. 2000-2004

Since our inception in 2000, we have been designing, building and constructing our development in-house, hence we can ensure the best build quality in our projects. Hence since 2000, we had sold over hundreds of millions ringgit of developments. We know this is not a significant amount, however what is significant is this; we had achieved 100% sold out rate for each and every one of our projects without a single delay while achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Encomas is not only a developer but we are also a service provider. We understand that for most people, buying houses is a huge responsibility and commitment with their hard earned money, hence our team can tailor made packages, from paying installment for deposit, minimum deposit scheme and no question asked full refund if loan could not be secured, that suit our clients’ needs with flexibility and comfort. Furthermore, we also provide assistance to our clients in loan application, renovation ideas and many more.

For us, our clients is not only our clients, but they are our friends and a part of our family. It is a pleasure to have served you for more than 10 years, our dear friends.

Besides developing and selling properties to make profit for our stakeholders and investors, we are true believers in giving back to the community. At Encomas, Project CSR stands for Community, Schools and Roads. We believe that the children is the future of our world, and school is one of the best place to develop and teach our children proper values, while roads are the fundamental facilities in developing the community. Hence every year, we had allocated a certain portion of our profits to build roads, donate to schools, provide scholarships, and host activities for children to learn arts and many more. Of course, we never forget the old and the less fortunate so we have been giving back by donations and repairing the old folks home for free.

Encomas managing director Dato’ Rick Cheng said, “We just like to do what we love to do. All this is due to our team effort. That is the achievement that we are proud of when our customers tell us they love their houses, the design or how much they appreciate what we have done.”

Come join this exciting journey with us and welcome to Encomas.


To innovate to build on our human and brand capital.
To be passionate to make our customers our friends.


To sell what we design and build to our customers or
our friends and make them satisfied and happy.


To achieve a harmonious community thru Project CSR.
Project CSR mean project for Community, School & Roads.



Managing Director

Graduated with a BE (Civil) Degree from University of New South Wales (1996, Australia) and MBA (General) Degree from Southern Cross University (2000, Australia), Rick started Encomas in 2000 and lead Encomas to achieve a solid track record; GDV of over RM 230 million, 100% sold out rate, and no delay in delivery.

In 2010, Rick received the Green Building Index Facilitators (Malaysia) to make Encomas the first property developer in Kedah to be accredited GBI Facilitators recognition.



Account Manager / Director

Datin Leong Ban See graduated with a Third Level (Account) L.C.C.I in 1996 – 1997 and has gained various experience working as Audit Assistance and Account Executive before joining the Encomas family in 2004.

Today, Datin Leong Ban See is the Account Manager and Director of Encomas, and she plays an important role in overseeing all aspect of accounting at Encomas and also provides leadership to the team members.



General Manager

Mr. Chiew first started as Senior Sales Manager when he joined the Encomas family in 2001. Prior to joining Encomas, he was in banking industries and also food industries. Mr. Chiew has in-depth knowledge in the finance & banking sector, like bridging loan and end financing. On top of that, he is very experienced in sales, housing mortgage and legal procedure.

Mr. Chiew has a very strong interest in I.T. hence he has embarked on developing his computer skills. He has been promoted to General Manager in year 2010.



Senior Project Manager

En. Idris Bin Abdul Rahman has joined the Encomas family in 2007 and he is a very disciplined, dedicated and committed family member of Encomas. With in-depth knowledge in AutoCAD and understanding of council planning procedure, En. Idris is an asset to the Encomas family to ensure the quality of the developments and also ensuring that the projects can be accomplished without any single delay.



Project Manager

Graduated with a BS (Economic) Degree from University of Science (Malaysia) in 2002, Mr. Ng has joined the Encomas family in 2008 as Marketing Executive.

Mr. Ng is a creative person who thinks out of box in problem solving with great communication and leadership skills. Beside that, Mr. Ng is also a very positive person with great motivation to achieve the unachievable.



Sales Manager

Being the youngest in Encomas, Ms. Yew joined the Encomas family in 2008 and she has been promoted to be the Sales Manager in year 2014.

Since the inception of Encomas in year 2000, we have strived to work hard to bring the best to our friends and customers. This marks the notable achievements, awards, and recognitions in the history of Encomas.



We are the 1st pilot assessment phase received “MyCREST” (Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Tool) certification by CIDB on 12nd May 2016 @ Sunway Putra Hotel, KL
 Platinum Award at the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia’s (PUMM) Top 50 Enterprise Awards


Asia Pacific Property Awards 2015-2016


Launching Taman Kubang Rotan 3,Kedah, our fifth projek at Kubang Rotan area
GreenRE Manager – The first Property Developer in Kedah to be accredited GreenRE Manager


Launching Taman Rusa 4, Anak Bukit, Alor Setar, Kedah, our second green initiative property development in Alor Setar, Kedah


Launching Taman Kancil 7, the first green initiative property development in Alor Setar


Launching Plaza Seri Tunku, Bandar Darulaman, Kedah. The first gated & guarded commercial project in Kedah


Green Building Index Facilitator. The first property developer in Kedah to be accredited GBI Facilitator
Initiated Project CSR


Officiating Villa Seri Tunku by Tuanku Sultan Kedah
– First Time in History Tuanku Sultan Kedah Officiate a Private Residential Project


Launching Villa Seri Tunku, Anak Bukit, Kedah
– The First Gated & Guarded Residential Project in Alor Setar


Launching Taman Kubang Rotan, Kubang Rotan, Kedah


Launching Taman Alor Lanchang, Jejawi, Perlis


Launching Frist Project in Kedah Taman Kancil, Anak Bukit, Kedah


Launching Taman Padang Emas, a joint venture with Perlis State Govt, Perlis


Launching First Project Taman Kim 2, Padang Besar, Perlis


Encomas was formed by Father & Son team, Cheng Meng Chit & Rick Cheng Wooi Seong



2017 Asia Pacific Property Awards – 5 Stars Award @ Best Commercial Renovation/Redevelopment Malaysia.
The PAM Awards – PAM Silver Award for Conservation Category
BCI Asia Interior Design Award
2016 MyCREST” (Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Tool) certification
PUMM 3rd Top 50 Enterprise Awards 2015-2016 – Platinum Award
2015 Asia Pacific Property Award 2015-2016 – Highly Commended developer Website
2014 Golden Eagle Award – Excellent Eagle Award
IAIR Award – Best Company for Leadership Green Building Malaysia, Hong Kong
2013 World Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs -The Excellence of Achievement, Macau
Sin Chew Business Excellence Award – CSR Excellence Award
Sin Chew Business Excellence Award – Property Excellence Award
2011 Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2001 – South East Asia SME CSR Award 2011, Singapore
Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award 2011
2010 SME 100 Awards 2010 – Fast Moving Companies
SME Recognition Award 2010 – SME Young Entrepreneur Award 2010
Golden Bull Award – 100 Outstanding SMEs
Asia Pacific Top CEO Award – Global Business Magazine
Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2010 – Most Promising Entrepreneur Award 2010
Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2010 – Excellence Service Quality
Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2010 – Excellence Leadership
2009 SME Recognition Award 2009 – SME Rising Star Award 2009

Encomas is the first and only property developer in Kedah to be accredited the GreenRE Manager and Green Building Index Facilitators. That shows how committed we are to our environment. We are committed to build our building green and adopt green features to promote sustainable development in our entire project.

GreenRe Manager

1408707218With sustainability being the issue currently at the very heart of the Real Estate Construction Industry and the emerging technologies for the development of energy-eficient buildings, that attract consumers and businesses, the demand for green development has never been stronger. Thus, GreenRE, the industry’s driven green rating standard has been established to promote the development of a more sustainable and liveable built environment and as response to the growing need for green development.

GreenRE is designed for all the Real Estate and Construction Industry to encourage and enhance the participation of industry professionals. Industry professionals are encouraged to design and build green, sustainable buildings in a more integrated manner.

GreenRE incorporates internationally recognized best practices to provide the industry with a more efficient and practical green tool. Aimed at promoting greater adoption of green practices and technology amongst the Malaysian Real Estate corporations, GreenRE offers efficient solutions to green certification at affordable costs to the industry.

Encomas is the first and only property developer in Kedah to be accredited the GreenRE Manager and Green Building Index Facilitators. That shows how committed we are to our environment. We are committed to build our building green and adopt green features to promote sustainable development in our entire project.

Green Building Index Facilitator

GBI-LogoThe Green Building Index (GBI) is Malaysia’s industry recognized green rating tool for building to promote sustainability in the built environment and rase awareness among Developers, Architects, Engineers, Planners, Designers, Contractors and the Public about environmental issues and our responsibility to the future generations.

The GBI rating tool provides an opportunity for developers and building owners to design and construct green, sustainable buildings that can provide energy savings, water savings, a healthier indoor environment, better connectivity to the public transport and the adoption of recycling and greenery for their projects and reduce our impact on the environment.